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A Daughter’s Request to Be Heard

Based on “Dream Girls – Listen

Listen to the song here in my heart, A melody I started so long ago.

Listen to the sound from deep within. It took some time to find a release.

Now,  the time has come for my dreams to be heard.
They will not be pushed aside and turned into your own, All because you wouldn’t listen.

When I  was young
I stood alone at a crossroads
I had no home to call my own
I’ve cried and tried
To say what’s on my mind
You should have known

Now I stop believing you.
You never knew the pain I was feeling
I’m more than what you made of me
I followed the voice you gave to me
But now I found my own

You should have listened.
There is someone here inside.
A little girl I thought had died
So long ago

Now, her dreams will be heard.
They won’t be commandeered or ridiculed as impossible

All because you…

I’m no longer at a crossroads.
I have a home to call my own
I cried and tried to tell you what was on my mind, but you only saw you and never me.

I am no longer believing you.
You never knew what I was feeling
I am more than what you made of me

I am more than what you thought of me
No longer do I follow the voice you gave to me
Because now I have my own

I didn’t know where I belonged.
But so glad that I moved on
Because now,  I listen to the song here in my heart
A melody I start; And now, will complete

I’m done believing the lies.
You never knew what I was feeling inside
I’m more than who you thought I could be

Now I follow the voice

The voice Yahweh gave to me
And I am following His path on
My own

The Odd Daughter

Growing up, I thought I was the only daughter who lost her mother at the age of fourteen, yet my biological mother raised me and is still very much alive.

As an adult, many think that I grieve your absence because God called you home, but not so, at least to my knowledge.

How can you grieve someone that is twenty minutes away by car if that? How can you have such a void in today’s time when technology allows you to facetime from any place around the world?

I woke on your birthday mentally refusing to accept the calendar had moved forward another day. Think Goggle and Facebook are showing me memories from when I honored your birthday just before the clock striking midnight, years past!

Requesting my prayer group pray for you as your birthday was still 24 hours away.

Forgetting I promised another to attend her event, not only because her event not only fell on your birthday, but she shared your first name. Thankfully, the love she has shown me over the last twenty-five year is what I wish to receive from you, but her presence in my company would only amply your absence all the more.

See, I blocked out anything that would make me remember that after living half-century, I still yearn and pray for the woman that gave birth to me to truly see me for who I am and love me with no strings attached.

To see that the child that was expected to be nothing is very much someone!

See, today I am a mother of two like you. Unlike you, I have two boys whose bloodline is identical.

Like you, I make sure that they are educated without suffering the ills that I faced with the educational system but place no limits on high they will soar.

Like you, I accept medical diagnoses to attain the services to correct perceived issues but defy prognoses knowing that God gave me two mighty men of valor.

Yes, like you, I found myself divorced from my children’s father, but despite his ideologies, I won’t deny my sons the right to have a relationship with their father. Nor will I  allow another man’s possibilities to block their relationship either.

Maybe I am still that odd daughter, the one that doesn’t have a relationship with her mother yet yearns for one. Have I been deprived or short-changed? Not all!

See the God I was taught about back in Ohio; I found Him again when I was about twenty-seven years old. God gave me a hug when I asked if He was real and if he really loved me. The one who said, “When my father and my mother forsake me, Then the LORD will take care of me.” Psalm 27:10

See, over the years, I learned the one whom I  yearned to be closed was the creator of my pain. The pain that birth purpose, endurance, and voice I have today.

The one who bled over my sons because of an open wound from her childhood that never healed, yet she forgot that part of her might be in me as I protected them from her venom.

Her words that played on repeat in my head, instead feud the determination to accomplished more. At first, to make her proud, then just for me, but now to leave a legacy, not of pain, but of hope as I break the chains of generation pass.

Yes, I have forgiven her actions towards me as a child. I have forgiven her deeds towards my sons. I pray for restoration with our Heavenly Father that all her works won’t burn in the trial by fire. But as long as she has breath, as long God hears my prayer and grants her another day, another year, the little girl will always seek unconditional love from the only human that it should come freely.

However, understand I am because she brought me into this world by God’s creation, I became who I am by God’s design, and I walk in my purpose designed by God. So if I never feel and hear those words from her, God has shared them with me with each spiritual mom He has brought into my life.

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You are never alone!

As we enter into this New Year, I can return to sharing the word and love of the our Father God, Big Brother Jesus, and Best Friend Holy Spirit. 

2020 may have restricted or removed many things from our lives and, in some cases, even holes in the fabric of our lives as we lost loved one’s this past year. But the Word of God could not restrict from going out. Yes, in my case, my device, followed by the homeschooling, disrupted my morning writings. Yes, churches around the world closed their doors to community gatherings. But the church building nor my previous devices holds the power to stop the Word of God from reaching His children. 

Your heart holds the Gospel

My sheep know my voice, and another they shall not listen to, is stated in the Bible. Words that let us know God talk with us, He walks with us, and He tells us we are His own. How I used to love hearing my mother sing that song, but now I know the meaning of those words so clear. 

There have been many times I have physically felt alone, where a human touch would have been nice, but I know I am never alone for as long as I draw near to my Heavenly Father, He will draw near to me. The same applies to each of you as well.

“May this year 2021 Harvest be great from the seeds planted by your pain and watered by your tears, and tended to by your sorrow of 2020.” 


In a vision I saw angels filling the room, and I heard the Lord say: Behold, I send angels before you into this new year, a season of extraordinary significance. I will use you by sending you as My emissary into seemingly impossible situations. I will send you with My power and strength and wisdom to do the exact right thing to extricate those who are in the throes of the enemy. Trust Me and know that you are not alone in all that I send you to do. Psalm 91:9-11 Because you have made the Lord, who is my refuge, even the Most High, your dwelling place, no evil shall befall you, nor shall any plague come near your dwelling; for He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways.

From the Desk of

When a 911 call goes wrong!

Each Wednesday morning, a group of special needs parents join together to pray for other special needs families and ourselves. This past Wednesday morning, we lifted in prayer, Linden Cameron. Linden is the 13-year-old diagnosis with Asperger (a form of Autism), who suffered injuries to his shoulder, ankles, intestines, and bladder after being shot for emotional/mental meltdown by cops.

Yet many cry foul when we say its time to defund the police. Generally, many associated the defunding with”Black Live Matters.” However, this case highlights fears special needs parents of every race, financial background, and educational level fears. The worst nightmare came to life for Ms. Barton this past Friday when she sought assistance from the crisis team.

More Community Base Services Are Needed!

If the crisis team had arrived, they would have known the word and techniques to deescalate the situation. We may never find out why only cops showed up. But if there was a need to shift funds to a worthy department, this incident makes the argument a slamdunk and shut case.

As a mother of a child 12-year-old child whose testing has been delayed for Asperger but suffered from emotional and trauma-related issues that frequently lead to physical outbursts, it leads to increased unnecessary worries and fear each time I need to make a 911 call. Though I will say that we have been blessed thus far during our encounters, what if we meet a cop with a trigger happy finger one day? What if a little boy with suicidal idealization provokes a cop to shot him? What if the cop had killed Linden, who was running unarmed? How would we deal if this your child or mine?

Many police departments need retraining to deal not only with the brown and black community in the community they serve but those diagnosed with Autism and mental health issues.

Boy with autism shot by police after his mom called 911 for help

Perspective from a Young Mind in COVID 19 Era

Family, please, after you plead the Blood of Jesus over your Children, hug them close and if you can’t wrap your arms around them, call them and tell them you love them. Young minds in this COVID era need to hear it even more today.

Every day my I asked God to open my eyes to see what others can’t see, first within my son, that I can stop any and all attempts that may lead to him harming himself or attempting to commit suicide. (Yes he has tried, and yes he still talks about it).

Since this shutdown, others are dealing with similar thoughts and struggles as well, who may not have had issues in the past. For the parents of children with mental health issues, their condition has just become chronic. Making life a delicate balance as we live in a world with increasing hate and depravity against black and brown men and women.

Video after disturbing video being repeated replayed of how another life was senselessly taken either by a cop, a vigilante, or their own brother. Causing our young men and women to question their presence and purpose. Wondering which would take them out first, COVID 19 or a bullet. Asking if they should save others the problem and do it themselves. I had to have this unfortunate conversation with my 12-year-old son after he finally saw the execution of George Floyd.

Our children are suffering, many with pent up anger and confusion—isolation from all that is familiar to them. Yes, many states are starting to reopen, but with the reopening, comes other hard truths. Truths regarding the holes COVID have left in the fabric of our society.

The death angel spread his cape far and wide. Wiping out an entire school administration of some schools to whole families. Sometimes he cherrypicked, fracturing family homes, leaving parents without children and children without parents regardless of either age.

No, in the last three months, the world has changed. Isolation is now preferred, gatherings are health risks, photo ops are valued over life. Brutality is spotlighted, and racism is currently on trial.

Yes, the enemy is running wild, and our seed he is after. But God! But as parents, we can’t be with our older children as we are with those still in school. So we continue to plead the Blood of Jesus, that their ears would be tuned to Father’s voice thwarting every enemy attempt.

I write this as a mom who fights daily for a young black male child, who struggles to understand his purpose for living or the gift placed inside him when God created him. As a voice for others who feel they have lost their voice in depression and sorrow, the current time has brought them.

Lastly, I write this letter as a friend of a family that mourns the death of a young man gone too soon. A life shortened by his own hands for reasons I can not speak on specifically. A hole not only left in the nucleus of his family but his extended family both school and church that watch him sprout and was just beginning to bloom.

Call to action for all: Check-in your child, sibling, parent, or relative. Pray for them, over them, and with then. Make sure they are ok. And if they aren’t, find them help, to talk to someone. Don’t wait for someone else to speak up, cause then it might be too late.

In Loving Memory of Sir Dominique A.

COVID-19 Layman’s Pain

This pandemic should not be a political or money game. Nor should the care be divided between the have and the have nots.

Humans should not be used as human guinea pigs, as some of the wealthiest gets richer. Nor should testing be distributed amongst the wealthiest. As others must pay $49 just to see a doctor via video who then determines if you should be tested for the virus. Yet there may already be a vaccine for this virus. But it would not bring in the money as a new from the Gates foundation or Kushner’s old company would.
Two articles two read: Potential Vaccine & Gates reason for Vaccine

Race and Class Still Divides

If you are in the top 5% or higher bracket financially and are suspected to be in the presence of someone who may have or have been diagnosed with the COV-19 you can be tested. Even if you show no signs of systems. However, if you are in a lower pay bracket, a person of color or Latino descent, even if a person in your home was diagnoses, you are denied.

This disease has no color or class distinction, but those that control medical care do.

Best Intentions Aren’t Enough

The nursing homes group homes have all been closed off to the outside to prevent an outbreak. But with so little testing, it only takes one non-symptomatic carrier to come to work to breech every protection put in place. A real risk with so little testing happening in most neighborhoods.

Then there is the one who is titled commander and chief, speaking on medication with no medical knowledge or understanding of science. A commander who will have a difficult time washing the blood of the thousands of Americans off his hands. And those from around the world who listen to his advice and lies who have resulted in more untimely deaths. An administration that cares more about the bottom line of their friend’s companies then the widows, orphans and disenfranchised.

Why I Speak

I speak from a place of frustration, as I see the numbers of those infected and death tolls rise around the world.

I speak from a mother’s pain who watches her youngest go without critical daily services and those of other children with special needs children which range from mental health to medically fragile. Of mothers who are struggling to educate their children and try to prevent regression in critical skills.

I speak from a mother in anguish whose oldest child, going through his own medical emergencies, in a residential setting which is under strict shelter-in orders. That wakes each morning praying no employee slips passes the safety measures and affects any of the children’s residential homes.

I speak from the heart of a child whose love one in a nursing home just last week was walking and laughing and tonight is fighting for her life. A resident in a nursing home that should have been protected from the virus because she was already prescribed Trump’s miracle medication hydroxychloroquine. All because a worker who placed their life on the line to care for the elderly was an unknown carrier and entered her nursing home to care for her and many others.

A Whole New World

There will be no winners in the end when all is said and done. How can there be with the massive wholes this virus would have left in the basic fabric of our lives.

Initial family reunions will be gathering of memorial services to pay tribute to those that lost their lives during physical/social distancing enforcement. Schools will need to have grief counselors in place for the students, teachers, or administrators that will not be returning, Offices around the states no less with have to do the same.

Psychiatrist and ministers will need their own counselors in order to deal with a large number of personal and medical referrals. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder will be on the rise in many people.

If ever there would be a time for those that say they worship a true and living God, to step up now would be such a time. Now would be the time they realize that the building they can no longer congregate in, only housed various churches. The government did not close the church but closed the congregation of churches under one roof on Sunday. As Jesus sent His disciples out to minister, we are now called to do the same. With the building now closed all over the world every day, we need to remember how the first disciples shared the true gospel of Jesus. Bringing hope, trust, and faith to the sick and dying.

I will end with this, physical distancing will stop the quick harsh spread of this virus. But socially we can still talk, to one another by so many different tools, no one should feel alone. Each day, reach out and vocally give a friend a hug, you both will feel better for it.

Life is too Short!

I have always know just how fragile life is. But today, as I personally, know families morning a loss of love ones that I can I would like I otherwise change the world to get to. As I know other families all dealing with some sickness that I can not even offer any assistance to. Many of us flow in similar circles and may know the same individuals. I realize how this whole new way of living is really showing us what really matters.

It’s not the number of likes on a post or a page. It’s not even the amount of sponsors we may be able to attract to our platform. But it the relationships that we form that with one another that will sustain us. I have been slow to use social media to promote myself for that very reason.

It is the connection that I make by honestly talking with an individual that allows me to walk in my calling. Yes, people need to know who I am when my books are released, and social media is good for that. But in between books, what will people say about me. Will anyone, be able to say, “I know who CeeMystique really is,” or will I just be another social media sensation whose soul is unknown?

The work that I am to do, is not for me to live on social media, but use it strategically as a tool for good. But my actual work is in building relationships that allow the love of my God to flow through me.

Life is precious, and we are seeing just how short it really can be. Build relationships, be your sisters’ keeper, your brothers’ keeper at this time is crucial. Yes, we must keep our social distance to stop the spread of the virus, but we can pick up the phone and make a call. We can Skype, Duo, and Zoom as well. When you do go shopping and know someone else who may not be able to go out, see if you can pick up something for them. Zelle helps when you are cash short for a refund.

Let’s learn to be the community and village our ancestors once were when they had much less and did so much more. When they all had, and no one did without.

Regardless of what you see know that thing will get Better

Don’t Give up!

These words were given to me to share with one, but after I sent them, I realize that they are for all of us. 

See, as God is moving to do something new in each of our lives, the enemy has set up to distract us from the path we should walk. But the enemy uses those that are close to us to trip us up, to get us frustrated, to distract us. To take our focus off of God’s promises and focus on man’s reality.

But this is a new day, in spite of how we feel we will not give up, we will not be discouraged, we will stand firm, we will push forward, we will bring forth the vision and mission God has placed in us.  We will be the leader and example of proper ethics and morals. We will show others how the hand of God is moving through us and over us. We will “do all things in decency and in order to the Glory of the Father.”

But we must believe that our best is yet to come. God needs our full obedience and trust, regardless of the way one feels or things look. He wants us to find rest in Him, to renew our strength. Our power is in God and from God, not of our own.  

Our power is in our Voice, now declare and decree over yourself the promises of God. 

Remember, you got this, and the Father has you. Just believe that your best is yet to come. 

Let this day be the first day you walk in divine authority over life, your purpose, your destiny.

Happy Birthday

On the eve of Another Year's Blessing

As I embark on the eve of my 51st birthday, today’s Small Straws encapsulates my view of the last 50. 

I have often spoken that each lesson, each experience was a class in God’s University of Biblical Living. A university I entered on the day I accepted Christ as my Savior. Twenty-two years ago today, I made the public confession through Baptism under the pastoral guidance of Dr. Curtis T Harding. 

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future, Jeremiah 29:11 NIV.”

From the teaching of St. Albans Baptist Church; to its continuation at Walker Memorial Baptist Church and Evangelism Explosion Ministry, to the education from Nyack College Biblical Studies, the foundational teaching for God’s University was set. 

See, God knew the path I would walk before my birth. When He knitted me in my mother’s womb, the syllabus I would need was created. 

“Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book, Psalm 139:16 NIV.”

These courses were designed to ensure that the phrase “Your Voice Is Your Power,” is more than the slogan of Beautiful Village Inc. But a complete embodiment of me. God has given me a voice to speak for His hurt and crying daughters whose voice has been silenced. 

Have I passed each class with a perfect “A”? Though I strive to walk according to God’s word, only Jesus was able to be of no sin. I have made mistakes. I have veered off the narrow road a time or two. But, my loving Father as redirected my missteps as He heard my cry for forgiveness and restoration. 

“Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:13-14 NIV.”

So no man can stand judgment over my life. No one can hold my future as a ransom for my past. Each day I strive to meet the will of God. I seek to be a light in these troubling dark times. 

So tomorrow, I will be promoted to the next grade. Tomorrow I will acknowledge the spiritual muscles that have been developed over the last 50 years and use them as a launching pad into my future. 




JANUARY 30, 2020


Do not waste time on regrets from the past. What’s done is done! Rather, use past experiences to gain wisdom and to modify your views and behavior presently and for the future. Beating yourself up will do no good. Set yourself to seek Me for the best way to deal with every situation you encounter, says the Lord. Position yourself to exhibit My nature.

Romans 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.

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