The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. As one travel to their next level, they should continue to see the will of the Lord. 

As I stand looking back over the works that have been done over the past 22 months I stand in awe at the mighty and loving hands of my Lord and Savior. Many would question my description of the past months if they knew my story, but through it all, I have been blessed. Through every phase, God’s mighty hand has guided and protected me and my boys.  As my petition to find a house of Eli to care for my oldest son can to fruition, though my heart was heavy I knew it was the best place for him to be. To see the progress and growth he has made during this time is just amazing.

As I migrated from the Bronx to Queens, though the I will not lie it has been painful at times, but even through the pain we have been blessed and protected. The doors that have been closed, the healing the have taken place and the lessons learned were all pertinent to where he is taking me.

Earlier this year with when I went West instead of East for a spin, God continued to protect and provide for me until I was back on proper course. And since the End of January, God has made provision for all of our needs.  So why as I embarked on this next phrase should I take control?

Let’s Pray

Heavenly Father, I love you, because You have loved me before my first request for a hug. You have loved me when it was stated that I would not live. You have loved me when everyone thought I would mentally and physically crippled for life. You have loved me when my family has abused and/or forsaken me. You love me through trials and tribulations, errors and growing pains. Lord, I thank You and praise You.

Lord forgive me when I asked You to guide and went on a head You. Lord forgive me when my words haven’t aligned with the Word. Lord forgive me when love and kindness were overshadowed by hurt and disappointment. Lord as I continue to look toward the prize, expectantly waiting for Your promise to come to pass, I continue to surrender my will over to You.

Lord thank you for providing for my family as we travel this journey of life. I asked for your continuous to guide me to the place where You would have us call home. You know our need and our petition. I asked that for Your will to be done and plan to be manifested in the coming days. 

In Jesus Namen Amen