When the news came that this school was closing, parents and staff alike were devasted. Parents’ local school districts immediately went into action, attempting to locate a new program for the residential students to transfer to during this time. A transfer where parents could only verbally meet and see with the new administration and the location through video, praying we were shown the entire program to make an informed decision.

Many students were lucky and could return to their home state, while other students found placement is other areas. Because of the medical or oversight care needed in some of the residents’ care, they were consistently denied. After reviewing the transfer file, the admission team felt the care was to administratively too top-heavy.

On August 31st, an email was sent out to all involved asking for the next play involving one such student at Crotched Mountain. At the end of the email stated, “With less than 60 days, I praying that God has a ram in the bush!” That evening receiving notification that Crotched Mountain would stay open was such “Ram in the Bush” I was praying for.

Gersh at Crotched Mountain

Until then, my son was not accepted by any local, regional, or tri-state school. For that matter, all preferred and non-preferred school denied him. Five years, Crotched was an answer to my prayer, and God isn’t ready to move him yet.

I also want to think Kevin Gersh for reaching out to parents to directly introduce himself and his program to the remaining parents. Though I was aware of the program and Gersh Academy, Mr. Gersh’s introduction and taking time to answer my questions was a welcoming gesture to a bright future.