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COVID-19 Layman’s Pain

This pandemic should not be a political or money game. Nor should the care be divided between the have and the have nots.

Humans should not be used as human guinea pigs, as some of the wealthiest gets richer. Nor should testing be distributed amongst the wealthiest. As others must pay $49 just to see a doctor via video who then determines if you should be tested for the virus. Yet there may already be a vaccine for this virus. But it would not bring in the money as a new from the Gates foundation or Kushner’s old company would.
Two articles two read: Potential Vaccine & Gates reason for Vaccine

Race and Class Still Divides

If you are in the top 5% or higher bracket financially and are suspected to be in the presence of someone who may have or have been diagnosed with the COV-19 you can be tested. Even if you show no signs of systems. However, if you are in a lower pay bracket, a person of color or Latino descent, even if a person in your home was diagnoses, you are denied.

This disease has no color or class distinction, but those that control medical care do.

Best Intentions Aren’t Enough

The nursing homes group homes have all been closed off to the outside to prevent an outbreak. But with so little testing, it only takes one non-symptomatic carrier to come to work to breech every protection put in place. A real risk with so little testing happening in most neighborhoods.

Then there is the one who is titled commander and chief, speaking on medication with no medical knowledge or understanding of science. A commander who will have a difficult time washing the blood of the thousands of Americans off his hands. And those from around the world who listen to his advice and lies who have resulted in more untimely deaths. An administration that cares more about the bottom line of their friend’s companies then the widows, orphans and disenfranchised.

Why I Speak

I speak from a place of frustration, as I see the numbers of those infected and death tolls rise around the world.

I speak from a mother’s pain who watches her youngest go without critical daily services and those of other children with special needs children which range from mental health to medically fragile. Of mothers who are struggling to educate their children and try to prevent regression in critical skills.

I speak from a mother in anguish whose oldest child, going through his own medical emergencies, in a residential setting which is under strict shelter-in orders. That wakes each morning praying no employee slips passes the safety measures and affects any of the children’s residential homes.

I speak from the heart of a child whose love one in a nursing home just last week was walking and laughing and tonight is fighting for her life. A resident in a nursing home that should have been protected from the virus because she was already prescribed Trump’s miracle medication hydroxychloroquine. All because a worker who placed their life on the line to care for the elderly was an unknown carrier and entered her nursing home to care for her and many others.

A Whole New World

There will be no winners in the end when all is said and done. How can there be with the massive wholes this virus would have left in the basic fabric of our lives.

Initial family reunions will be gathering of memorial services to pay tribute to those that lost their lives during physical/social distancing enforcement. Schools will need to have grief counselors in place for the students, teachers, or administrators that will not be returning, Offices around the states no less with have to do the same.

Psychiatrist and ministers will need their own counselors in order to deal with a large number of personal and medical referrals. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder will be on the rise in many people.

If ever there would be a time for those that say they worship a true and living God, to step up now would be such a time. Now would be the time they realize that the building they can no longer congregate in, only housed various churches. The government did not close the church but closed the congregation of churches under one roof on Sunday. As Jesus sent His disciples out to minister, we are now called to do the same. With the building now closed all over the world every day, we need to remember how the first disciples shared the true gospel of Jesus. Bringing hope, trust, and faith to the sick and dying.

I will end with this, physical distancing will stop the quick harsh spread of this virus. But socially we can still talk, to one another by so many different tools, no one should feel alone. Each day, reach out and vocally give a friend a hug, you both will feel better for it.

Don’t Give up!

These words were given to me to share with one, but after I sent them, I realize that they are for all of us. 

See, as God is moving to do something new in each of our lives, the enemy has set up to distract us from the path we should walk. But the enemy uses those that are close to us to trip us up, to get us frustrated, to distract us. To take our focus off of God’s promises and focus on man’s reality.

But this is a new day, in spite of how we feel we will not give up, we will not be discouraged, we will stand firm, we will push forward, we will bring forth the vision and mission God has placed in us.  We will be the leader and example of proper ethics and morals. We will show others how the hand of God is moving through us and over us. We will “do all things in decency and in order to the Glory of the Father.”

But we must believe that our best is yet to come. God needs our full obedience and trust, regardless of the way one feels or things look. He wants us to find rest in Him, to renew our strength. Our power is in God and from God, not of our own.  

Our power is in our Voice, now declare and decree over yourself the promises of God. 

Remember, you got this, and the Father has you. Just believe that your best is yet to come. 

Let this day be the first day you walk in divine authority over life, your purpose, your destiny.

Happy Birthday

On the eve of Another Year's Blessing

As I embark on the eve of my 51st birthday, today’s Small Straws encapsulates my view of the last 50. 

I have often spoken that each lesson, each experience was a class in God’s University of Biblical Living. A university I entered on the day I accepted Christ as my Savior. Twenty-two years ago today, I made the public confession through Baptism under the pastoral guidance of Dr. Curtis T Harding. 

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future, Jeremiah 29:11 NIV.”

From the teaching of St. Albans Baptist Church; to its continuation at Walker Memorial Baptist Church and Evangelism Explosion Ministry, to the education from Nyack College Biblical Studies, the foundational teaching for God’s University was set. 

See, God knew the path I would walk before my birth. When He knitted me in my mother’s womb, the syllabus I would need was created. 

“Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book, Psalm 139:16 NIV.”

These courses were designed to ensure that the phrase “Your Voice Is Your Power,” is more than the slogan of Beautiful Village Inc. But a complete embodiment of me. God has given me a voice to speak for His hurt and crying daughters whose voice has been silenced. 

Have I passed each class with a perfect “A”? Though I strive to walk according to God’s word, only Jesus was able to be of no sin. I have made mistakes. I have veered off the narrow road a time or two. But, my loving Father as redirected my missteps as He heard my cry for forgiveness and restoration. 

“Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:13-14 NIV.”

So no man can stand judgment over my life. No one can hold my future as a ransom for my past. Each day I strive to meet the will of God. I seek to be a light in these troubling dark times. 

So tomorrow, I will be promoted to the next grade. Tomorrow I will acknowledge the spiritual muscles that have been developed over the last 50 years and use them as a launching pad into my future. 




JANUARY 30, 2020


Do not waste time on regrets from the past. What’s done is done! Rather, use past experiences to gain wisdom and to modify your views and behavior presently and for the future. Beating yourself up will do no good. Set yourself to seek Me for the best way to deal with every situation you encounter, says the Lord. Position yourself to exhibit My nature.

Romans 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.

2020 Wish for You

 May this year bring you true love, success and the joy of the Lord. Trust and believe that God is at the helm of your life and everything that you are able to believe will come to pass and watch Him exceed it a million times more than you can imagine. My percentage scale fluctuates but never below 51%, for I am trusting that 2020 is the year that all the dreams and promises God placed in me will come true. 

Have faith in the vision God has given you and join me in walking into this new decade, a new year of promise and prosperity in health, family, business and wealth. I am believing for God to increase my territory, to make me the head and not the tail, the giver and not the borrower. To raise me above the ranks to the destiny He has called me to. This also my belief and prayer for each of you.

May 2020 be the fulfillment of all dreams and desire according to the one and true Kings of Kings, our Creator, and Savior. My prayer for each of us, in the matchless name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Be strong and steady so that you can find your place of stability.  I am your Stabilizer.  Look to Me for direction, guidance, and wisdom.  I will show you where to go and how to get there, says the Lord.  Put your faith and trust in Me.  Proverbs 14:26 In the fear of the Lord there is strong confidence, and His children will have a place of refuge.

HAPPY NEW YEAR make 2020 the year the decade of promises fulfilled.

Understanding My Gift of Writing

This morning I had a conversation that confirmed so much for me. Faitherpreneur weekend 2k19 gave me clarity in many areas and blessing in others. Though each, I pray for God’s guidance with every decision I have to make. However, one consistent prayer keeps returning.  

Repeat Request

Now many will say once you asked God for something, you should leave it and trust God to handle it. For some that may work. However, I remember the story in the bible where a woman would repeatedly to the judge for the same request until one day because the judge was tired of hearing the same plea, granted her petition. The moral the writer, Luke 18: 4-6, was trying to get forth is that God would surely give the prayers of His children who cry out to Him day and night. For this reason, until I see the manifestation of God’s work to completion, my prayer remains the same.  

With all that God is doing in my life, I repeatedly asked God to clear my mind and time that I may write. Today’s conversation confirmed something I suspect but goes against the understanding and process of many. For many people, their book is just a conclusion of something else. Many will tell you that writing is not profitable. You write only to give creditability for work. However, I always knew that my essays would be the gift that makes room for me, and my speaking would be the conclusion. Today, such was shared. 

Author vs Writer

It was shared with me that there are authors, and then there are writers. Looking up the webster definition of an author, it is one who originates or creates something; the writer of a literary work (such as a book); while the definition of a writer is one that writes. Using the definitions of both that would refer to those that write books, she explained it further for me to understand who I am for me to own and walk-in fully.  

Today there are many authors, those that write a book to give information. Those that share their story as the bases why they are now doing what they are doing. Sharing a lesson to help others who may be going through something similar.  

A writer is someone who can take information and share it in such a way that grabs other’s attention while delivering a message; one whose passion is in creating manuscripts or scripts out the same information an author would use to write their book. I am that writer! 

Writing is my gift

As I set down to fulfill a request, I came across a piece that I penned in April 2016 entitled “What do I Love?” this question came from two challenges that I took in 2016, while I was seeking my purpose. In it, I wrote about my passion, rejection, and hurt that came from me writing. In earnest last year, I started speaking the truth over myself and not the lies that have were spoken over or into me over the years of what I could/should never do.  

After years of writing secretly, my mission is to share these thoughts with others so that they will have an impact on my readers. As God directs both me the writer to write for those whom He would lead to reading it.  

As I continue to follow my passion, the discovery continues to amaze me.  

Time to Write.  

Until next time, I will continue  

Touching Lives & Making a Difference!  Uplifting one spirit; One smile at a time! 

Plans going up in smoke…

I often state that I make plans, and God laughs.

But can we laugh when the plan goes up in smoke causing what feels like yet another setback? That yet again, your hopes and dreams are once again being denied or delayed.

But God. See He knows the plans He has for you, and we must trust that He who knows the beginning and the end, He who knows the counts of every hair on your head, He who formed you in the secrecy is not surprised when the timing or direction changes. For God’s, today is our tomorrow.

In our humanness we are vulnerable

The human side of us feels, rejection, hurt, forgotten. We go to the Father in tears, asking why, asking how long must we be denied, how long must we have to suffer. You go to our Father asking: do you see me, Father, do you hear me. Father, are you with me.

It is times like this; we must dig deep into our pain and remember God’s words. We, like David, must comfort ourselves by seeking and listening for the voice of God. We must not forget His word says He will never leave us or forsake us. He will be with us till the end of time. Remember that has He who clothes the lily in the fields and feeds the birds of the sky, even more, He will care for His children.

Moving Forward

After two days of crushing blows and setbacks, today’s word was just for me. I shall pick up myself, wipe my eyes, knowing that God is with me. Knowing that which He has promised, that which He has spoken will be in His timing. Not worrying about today, bit seeking my Father’s will. But most all I’m blessed knowing all things work for the good to those call on His name, and who’s soul trust and wait in Him.


You can make your plans and set your course, but you must hold them loosely. Be willing to make adjustments as you go. You do not know what the future holds, but I do, says the Lord. When you allow Me to give direction and guide you, you can expect the best outcome possible. I am your hope and future, and I am with you. Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

Started pinning my first non-fiction “Mommy I want to be an Angel.”

It harder than writing my fiction books “Matters of the Heart Series.” Though a lot of the storyline in my romance stories is based loosely on my friend or even my life growing up, there a different type of muscle need to write directly about your life for all to read.


Today I awakened with the intention of writing in spite of having my son home with me. It is time I learn how to push through the distraction of his presence and general activity and get these books from mind to paper to the publisher. What I expected to write and wrote are two very different topics and styles. I intended to write. God intention was to have me finally pin my story of raising a child diagnosed with a mental health disorder and suffers from depression with suicidal idealization. No word count but the first section of a 5 section notebook completed.


I also realize that I will also need to pen a story of surviving a child diagnosed with regression autism and a severe fatal esophagus disease if his diet is not followed carefully and sent to the ‘house of Eli’ for training and nurturing. So much of my first-born is at the beginning of this story for contextual information it would only be fair to share his whole story as well.

To walk in my calling, I must be transparent in why I do what I do. So the preparation begins for the next level to commence.


Who am I in 2018

Last night in my first Mastermind class. Yes, I have stepped up the level of development I will receive His year. Each year since God has taken me on this journey of understanding His purpose and will for my life, He has allowed for one His daughters to minister at the point where I was in my life. 2016 He allowed me to meet Abundance Now Ambassador who explained every lesson that God has taught me in 2015.

See my relationship with my heavenly Father has been since the beginning That if I ask,  He answers directly and specifically through a relationship He establishes at that point in my life. To God glory, many of those relationships still exist to this today.

In 2015, my first born assigned to in a residential school, my youngest son’s diagnose became clear all while going through a divorce that was anything that was pleasant. Moving 20 years of my life and two children back to my childhood home that was anything but happy memories. Removed from all the personal support, God used that time to break my will and replaced with His. For 2016 the Abundance Now movement was what I needed to understand where I am, whose I am, and why I am.

In 2017, God levels me up in my life and introduce me a ministry that based on being Doers of the Word. He placed me under a ministry that required me to invest in myself, mentally, spiritually and financially. The Abundance Life Camp has guided me thru eviction, homelessness, to a new apartment. And most of all walking unapologetic in calling and purpose.

For 2018 God has added a new dimension to my development. And the first direct question for this month homework has made me realize that I have involved beyond even where I thought I was two years ago. At the end of 2017, Dr. Marshall and Dr. Grant had us reflect on what we have accomplished in 2017, where we have fallen short, our wins and our losses. If we reached the goals we set out to complete. But in the class, I realize that I am more than what many know of me. I am more than a single mother of two specific need boys that have overcome rejection from their father. More than the rejection of my mother or abuse from her family. I am more than the specific need advocate that loves working with other mothers saving them from the headaches I endured before receiving the help after the diagnoses of Autism for my firstborn. Yes, that is my passion, but I am more.

I am a woman that has the battle scares obtained through the University of Life thru God’s teachings. I am a minister to His daughters who need to know they can and will overcome every struggle set is before them. That we are not an island unto ourselves but as we are to fellowship with each other in the faith; we called each into a Beautiful Village of support.

As Peter told the cripple man in front of Gate Beautiful,  “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.” What Peter and John gave to this beggar was hope and a belief in something greater than what money can buy. For all those that come to my ministry, Beautiful Village restores hope in women whose childhood and or adult lives have left them crushed and bruised. But it my hope to show them they are not broken but their strength is greater than even they realize. It is for the mother who doesn’t understand that the gift of raising a specific needs child is a blessing, albeit a struggle, but a gift. A gift to teach us who we are and what cloth we are made from. A gift that allows us to have a voice we may never have found otherwise. This is the same in every situation we face in life. The challenges we face is to prepare us to help someone else. To be a voice for those that are hiding, ashamed, or living in fear and need to know they aren’t alone.

As I move forward this year, I look to exposed every aspect myself and bring them together as a complete package. To end the fragmented knowledge of who I am with different segments. To present my total self to those that need me. No, I can’t be everything to everyone. Yes, there are areas in my life that though I may have overcome. However, I understand that there are those in my village that is better suited to talk about some topics better than me. But I am a complete package that’s created to share my voice to bring healing and hope.


I learned Strength in 2017 to accept that it’s My time to Soar in 2018!


2017 has thought me many lessons. With all that I been through the last 5 years, didn’t think there could be anything left to attack me. But I started this year under a heavyweight. A weight meant to break and destroy me. And as the days continue the weight grew heavier. The biggest lesson was I was not built to break. That as long as I put my faith in Jesus, that He would bring me through each and every dark and painful night that I faced. Yes, I received some bruises along the way, but I wasn’t destroyed, crushed or silenced.

If asked, I would have never thought I could have survived the varies stumbling blocks and pitfalls that I have faced in my life. But at the end of 2017, I not only survived, I overcame each storm by the Blood.

Now in 2018, it is my time to Soar. My time to tell my story, my time to set the record straight about what each of us is truly borne to do. As I look for guidance from my Heavenly Father, I know this is truly my time to break every negative stereotype and ceiling that was created to hold me back and silenced me.

An awesome woman of God shared Ecclesiastes 3, A time for everything, to close out this year pray meeting. I truly believed that there is a specific time for every activity in life. And my time is now.


It is time for the ministry that God has a place in you to be born. Just it is time for playing small to die.


It time to uproot all the negativity that has been fed to you as truth and time to plant seeds of God’s word of healing, abundance, and prosperity.


It’s time to kill off every vine that has attached itself to strangle and entangle you. Use this time heal the wounds that were created to kill with God’s soothing balm.


It is time to tear down every wall and partition that shut out the light of God’s word and build a gate that separate one from the destruction of the evil in the world. A gate to the sanctuary of God’s grace and peace.



The time to weep and mourn is no more, now we will dance and laugh at the glorious blessing of God’s love.


Time has come to leave the scattered directions of others behind, to refrain from embracing that which was not meant for you. Embrace the promises of God and gather your arsenal of weapons in your heart of God’s word.


The time has come to give up on hopes and dreams that have led to misery and discouragement, to throw away that which brings no value to your being or purpose. Search for the truth of God’s word and keep His promises ever before you.


Now tear up every judgment used against you and mend the brokenness of a dying people all around you.


Silence the noise around you that may hear the quiet whisper of instruction and direction, that when the time comes to speak, you will deliver the very word that God has given you to nourish on.


The time of war is upon us to destroy each weapon sent to fill this world with self-destructive hate. But the time has come for every believer to share with a dying world the love of God and the peace that God can only give to those that call on the same of His son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.



Praying to the Next Level

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. As one travel to their next level, they should continue to see the will of the Lord. 

As I stand looking back over the works that have been done over the past 22 months I stand in awe at the mighty and loving hands of my Lord and Savior. Many would question my description of the past months if they knew my story, but through it all, I have been blessed. Through every phase, God’s mighty hand has guided and protected me and my boys.  As my petition to find a house of Eli to care for my oldest son can to fruition, though my heart was heavy I knew it was the best place for him to be. To see the progress and growth he has made during this time is just amazing.

As I migrated from the Bronx to Queens, though the I will not lie it has been painful at times, but even through the pain we have been blessed and protected. The doors that have been closed, the healing the have taken place and the lessons learned were all pertinent to where he is taking me.

Earlier this year with when I went West instead of East for a spin, God continued to protect and provide for me until I was back on proper course. And since the End of January, God has made provision for all of our needs.  So why as I embarked on this next phrase should I take control?

Let’s Pray

Heavenly Father, I love you, because You have loved me before my first request for a hug. You have loved me when it was stated that I would not live. You have loved me when everyone thought I would mentally and physically crippled for life. You have loved me when my family has abused and/or forsaken me. You love me through trials and tribulations, errors and growing pains. Lord, I thank You and praise You.

Lord forgive me when I asked You to guide and went on a head You. Lord forgive me when my words haven’t aligned with the Word. Lord forgive me when love and kindness were overshadowed by hurt and disappointment. Lord as I continue to look toward the prize, expectantly waiting for Your promise to come to pass, I continue to surrender my will over to You.

Lord thank you for providing for my family as we travel this journey of life. I asked for your continuous to guide me to the place where You would have us call home. You know our need and our petition. I asked that for Your will to be done and plan to be manifested in the coming days. 

In Jesus Namen Amen


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