Today I watched a video of a man that wife told him to another woman that love him would love to spend time with him, his mother. So he took his mother on a date and spent time together. Watching this video, reminded me about the uniqueness of today. But first let me say this:

For those that can and your parents allow don’t forget them. Even if the only thing you do is pray for them. There is no perfect parent and some are hard to love than others. But without them, we wouldn’t be here.

So those that blessed with loving parents, take the time to honor and show them they are loved today. Don’t allow week/months to go by without out a word.

For others whose parents has closed their eyes, remember them in honoring them by raising your child in a loving environment that teach them the respect for adults and self as you were taught.

For the rest, whose parents were the total opposite of the parentage we see in the Obamas, take a deep breath. Understand that you are created for a purpose they may never understand. Understand that though they weren’t able to show you love or be an example of what is right in your world. You are not them, but as you keep your distance to preserve your sanity, PRAY for them. Pray for their heart to and mind to soften and learn while they are capable. But pray even though you know you will never hear “I’m sorry”. Pray for them, even though you know you will never hear “I love you”.

This day, I lifted my mother in prayer on the altar of my Lord. This day, I set aside the pain of my childhood. I set aside hurt the pain she inflicted in yet another generation. This day I choose not dwell on the negative relationship we have to this day. On the fact, I could never measure up to her belief of who I should be. To set aside the hatred and bitterness  she holds in her heart towards me, to pray for her.

I thank God for giving her breath in her life yet another day. I thank God for allowing her health not taking her from this earth. I asked God to speak to heart so she can return to Him as a loving child instead of a defiant daughter. I asked that God to work with her that she would come to the understanding my grandmother came to months before she left this world. As my grandmother tried to make right her wrongs  to her youngest daughter, I pray for my brother and I may be able just to hear “I love” from her heart without underlying intent of anything but love.

But today on her 79th birthday, I no longer keep myself prayer but surrender her to the Lord. On this day I want to show her love and care for her, but I understand that it can only be a wish. A wish that if lived out would only cause me pain, misery and rejection. So I kneeled at the altar for her heart, her health, and her soul.

Happy Birthday Mom. God has blessed you to see another year. My birthday wishes for you, is to know that your children and grandchildren want to show you love. But will honor your wishes  and will continue to love you through prayer.