Today, l woke with the thought of today still being yesterday. A mental block of not wanting to deal with the pain that is associated with this day.

For many children, their parents’ birthday is rough when they come around, and the memory of their love is all that they have to celebrate. I know that feeling with the loss of two women who love and nurture me throughout my life. Their passing has left a hole in my heart. The anniversary of both their birth and death are days of sorrow. However, joy abounds because of the love and memories that we have together.

When one is estranged from their mother, one that you love, and the grace of God has allowed you to cover past hurts, it is rough when you can’t call them to say Hello. We are called to forgive, to live in harmony and peace.

As an adult and mother, my first priority is the care of my children. For that reason, I must protect them from unnecessary hurt, from those that cannot love them as the child God created them to be.

A daughter, I am called to love and honor my mother, even if I must do it from afar a choice that was made for me and out of necessity.

So, on July 24th, 2021, I wish the woman who gave me life, the woman that raised me to the best of her abilities, to the woman I made a mother. I want to wish my mother Happy Birthday! Praying for God to comfort the loss I feel of her absence. Praying my Father in Heaven touches His daughter to seek genuine relationships with both of her children and grandchildren.

As long as God gives her life, God continues to provide me with hope!

All things are possible with God, for those that believe!