Last night in my first Mastermind class. Yes, I have stepped up the level of development I will receive His year. Each year since God has taken me on this journey of understanding His purpose and will for my life, He has allowed for one His daughters to minister at the point where I was in my life. 2016 He allowed me to meet Abundance Now Ambassador who explained every lesson that God has taught me in 2015.

See my relationship with my heavenly Father has been since the beginning That if I ask,  He answers directly and specifically through a relationship He establishes at that point in my life. To God glory, many of those relationships still exist to this today.

In 2015, my first born assigned to in a residential school, my youngest son’s diagnose became clear all while going through a divorce that was anything that was pleasant. Moving 20 years of my life and two children back to my childhood home that was anything but happy memories. Removed from all the personal support, God used that time to break my will and replaced with His. For 2016 the Abundance Now movement was what I needed to understand where I am, whose I am, and why I am.

In 2017, God levels me up in my life and introduce me a ministry that based on being Doers of the Word. He placed me under a ministry that required me to invest in myself, mentally, spiritually and financially. The Abundance Life Camp has guided me thru eviction, homelessness, to a new apartment. And most of all walking unapologetic in calling and purpose.

For 2018 God has added a new dimension to my development. And the first direct question for this month homework has made me realize that I have involved beyond even where I thought I was two years ago. At the end of 2017, Dr. Marshall and Dr. Grant had us reflect on what we have accomplished in 2017, where we have fallen short, our wins and our losses. If we reached the goals we set out to complete. But in the class, I realize that I am more than what many know of me. I am more than a single mother of two specific need boys that have overcome rejection from their father. More than the rejection of my mother or abuse from her family. I am more than the specific need advocate that loves working with other mothers saving them from the headaches I endured before receiving the help after the diagnoses of Autism for my firstborn. Yes, that is my passion, but I am more.

I am a woman that has the battle scares obtained through the University of Life thru God’s teachings. I am a minister to His daughters who need to know they can and will overcome every struggle set is before them. That we are not an island unto ourselves but as we are to fellowship with each other in the faith; we called each into a Beautiful Village of support.

As Peter told the cripple man in front of Gate Beautiful,  “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.” What Peter and John gave to this beggar was hope and a belief in something greater than what money can buy. For all those that come to my ministry, Beautiful Village restores hope in women whose childhood and or adult lives have left them crushed and bruised. But it my hope to show them they are not broken but their strength is greater than even they realize. It is for the mother who doesn’t understand that the gift of raising a specific needs child is a blessing, albeit a struggle, but a gift. A gift to teach us who we are and what cloth we are made from. A gift that allows us to have a voice we may never have found otherwise. This is the same in every situation we face in life. The challenges we face is to prepare us to help someone else. To be a voice for those that are hiding, ashamed, or living in fear and need to know they aren’t alone.

As I move forward this year, I look to exposed every aspect myself and bring them together as a complete package. To end the fragmented knowledge of who I am with different segments. To present my total self to those that need me. No, I can’t be everything to everyone. Yes, there are areas in my life that though I may have overcome. However, I understand that there are those in my village that is better suited to talk about some topics better than me. But I am a complete package that’s created to share my voice to bring healing and hope.