May means Mothers Applaud Yourself!

Now some of you may be saying you aren’t mothers.

But I’m afraid I have to disagree.

The one thing I learned is that mothers are not only the women who labor through childbirth but also are the women who labor through raising and teaching other women children.

If you ever took the time to care, instruct, guide, and counsel a child, this month recognizes you.

So please give your self and applaud!

As a former wife with only a stepson, Mother’s Day morning was painful. I yearned for the day when my birth children would rise with the tradition their father had established for his mother, for me. Though my ex would cook my mother’s day dinner, he and his oldest would escape early to prepare breakfast for his mother. But the child would rise to wish his birthmother, not I Happy Mother’s Day. It wasn’t until I gave birth did he naturally recognized me as a mother, though I was in the home raising him.

I say this cause this child’s perception is the same as many people’s toward women who have never given birth. I share this story to show how a view of a women’s worth has not changed in some ways in thousands of years.

Once if a woman was childless, her life was a burden to the nearest male member. It didn’t matter if she helped raise other people’s children; she had none of her own.

The women I would honor this Mother’s Day, my beloved God-Mother, and her best friend are both childless in the natural sense but have nurtured many children over the years. Since the passing of my angel, her best friend has stepped in, filling that void even more since her passing.

I also recognize every woman who wakes each morning to teach, to heal, and serve children in some capacity every day. 

This week’s call to action is a different flavor. Each day I would like for you to create an acronym using the letters from the word MOTHER. By Sunday, you will have a descriptive acronym to recite on Mother’s Day for yourself.

Mother’s are Magnificent creations.

What “M” word would you use to describe yourself today.