Do we really need another label?

The world seems to want to categorize our children with labels place that them in a box that generally has some perceived negative outlook. However, if your child is Twice Exceptional, you will realize that putting your child in a square that only addresses or meets a small part of who they are just won’t work. Yet you struggle to find the right support and academic setting for your little one.

Twice exceptionality has recently been defined by the Twice Exceptional Community of Practice (2eCoP) as when an individual demonstrates “evidence [of] exceptional ability and disability which results in a unique set of circumstances.” Twice exceptionality is not a diagnosis; it is a conceptual way of identifying, understanding, and supporting the social, emotional and academic needs of a uniquely gifted learner. (To learn more see What Does It Mean To Be Twice Exceptional?)

Learning about twice exceptionality will provide you with a source of support and information to help guide you through yet another maze of learning how to support your child. This crucial for both their sake and your own mental stability.

Voice and Wisdom of Oz 2e

In my case, learning how to help my son became imperative. He can do the work of community school but requires the support of a more restrictive setting. Finding the right setting for him became a never-ending quest with little hope of finding the golden pot. However, in traveling the multi-color road, I met a person that introduced me to a community that was unknown to me. I can’t remember who or how I came across Melissa and Mara or their website, but I have and I continue to be grateful for their support, guidance, and friendship.  So who are Melissa and Mara, you asked. I would like to say the voice and wisdom of the OZ of 2E.

Melissa Sornik is the Co-Founder and President of Twice Exceptional Children’s Advocacy and has been working with gifted and twice exceptional (2e) children and their families since 2003.

Maratea Cantarella is the Executive Director of Twice Exceptional Children’s Advocacy and has worked to expand the grassroots organization into a vibrant online resource and community for parents of twice exceptional (2e) children.

Both are parents of 2e children, bringing their personal experiences and professional knowledge to the assist, guide, and support other parents traveling this multi-color road. Click to read the complete bio and the mission


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To learn more about the excellent work of both Melissa and Maratea and their agency, I invite you to read their website Twice Exceptional Children’s Advocacy (

In addition to having a wealth of information to assist and guide parents from doctor visits to transitioning your child, they also provide support to parents through an annual conference and a monthly support group.

Each month Mara and Melissa lead a Zoom base support group to address the stresses, difficulties, and accomplishments of our children. The first support group meeting will be September 25, 2019, from 12 pm to 1 pm for the school year 2019-2020.

Find out more information and join the community, click here to register.

Lastly I invite you to become a member and/or support TECA’s work.

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