Essential Oils for Health and Emotional Support

Personal Testimony

Let me share with you my story of why I believe in using Doterra Essential Oils.

There was a period with my youngest son when we fought every day. My son is diagnosed with Aspergers and Mood Disorder. Though we were prescribing medication, we have yet to start a regime that assisted in helping him control his mood swing with tend to be violent in nature.

One day a friend shared how she met a woman who introduced her to essential oils. She met her at an autism support group. What really impressed her was how the oils relieved a persistent pain that OTC nor prescription medication could. I pestered my friend for the contact because the WWF matches I was having on a regular for 45 minutes to two hours a day were leaving me in pain and I needed something non-narcotic to relax me at night.

Fast forward, upon speaking with the advocate I shared with her what I wanted. However, being a special needs mom herself and well versed in the use of oils, she suggested something that not only helped me relax but essentially stop the WWF matches immediately once I tried the sample that she so graciously sent me.

Since the initial sample, I have ordered various oils to assist in the care and well-being of my sons. From dealing with their insomnia, to upset stomachs, and headaches. My only regret is that my initial purchase was not the family essential pack, giving me access to the top ten oils that are used the most.

Now when my baby isn’t feeling well or even when I am not, he asked which oil can he get to make us feel better.

Update: I recently had major surgery, one that can leave you crippled in pain, suspect to infections, and takes weeks of healing. Under the advice of my advocate, I order the “Deep Blue” and “Onguard” tablets. I am thankful for the use of Doterra products in contributing to my speedy recovery and lack of reliance on prescribed pain pills and narcotics. Nearly three weeks later I am able to resume much of my daily activities have no pain to contend with and a good bill of health from my surgeon on the two-week checkup.

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