I have always know just how fragile life is. But today, as I personally, know families morning a loss of love ones that I can I would like I otherwise change the world to get to. As I know other families all dealing with some sickness that I can not even offer any assistance to. Many of us flow in similar circles and may know the same individuals. I realize how this whole new way of living is really showing us what really matters.

It’s not the number of likes on a post or a page. It’s not even the amount of sponsors we may be able to attract to our platform. But it the relationships that we form that with one another that will sustain us. I have been slow to use social media to promote myself for that very reason.

It is the connection that I make by honestly talking with an individual that allows me to walk in my calling. Yes, people need to know who I am when my books are released, and social media is good for that. But in between books, what will people say about me. Will anyone, be able to say, “I know who CeeMystique really is,” or will I just be another social media sensation whose soul is unknown?

The work that I am to do, is not for me to live on social media, but use it strategically as a tool for good. But my actual work is in building relationships that allow the love of my God to flow through me.

Life is precious, and we are seeing just how short it really can be. Build relationships, be your sisters’ keeper, your brothers’ keeper at this time is crucial. Yes, we must keep our social distance to stop the spread of the virus, but we can pick up the phone and make a call. We can Skype, Duo, and Zoom as well. When you do go shopping and know someone else who may not be able to go out, see if you can pick up something for them. Zelle helps when you are cash short for a refund.

Let’s learn to be the community and village our ancestors once were when they had much less and did so much more. When they all had, and no one did without.

Regardless of what you see know that thing will get Better