Touching Lives and Making a Difference!

Uplifting One Spirit One Smile at a Time!

When I first started out I didn’t receive direction to handle many of the trial and troubles I faced. The lesson I learned as a child didn’t prepare me to succeed as an adult, but left me with the choice to either fight or die. I choose to fight!

I received the grace and blessing of Angels who enter my life during my travels to teach me, encourage me, and to guide me. To show me how to shape my understanding and purpose in life. These lessons continue to be learned to this day. From Pastors to Lisa Nichols, I have heard one haven’t traveled and persevered through these life lMaya-Angelou give-teachessons to overcome and sit quietly; but to allow one to reach others and become their eagle to help them navigate life trials as others have guided you.

This site grants me the ability to encourage other who experience similar struggles in life. To help others to overcome and forgive past hurts and to allow forgive their offenders and themselves.  To share what I have learned with parents in supporting children with intellectual, emotional, psychiatric, and cognitive disabilities. To share my life experiences with others traveling a similar journey of life. To give a voice for those that feel they are alone in their struggles. To empower others to experience life to the fullest and achieve their dreams.

Many have asked me do I intend to write a book. I know my calling to reach back and lift other ups. This site serves as one of many springboards for such a purpose and one of many forms of written outreach.

 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2Timothy 1:7