As I set down to write, this Langston Hughes poem came to mind. As I reflect on my life and look forward to tomorrow, my life hasn’t been a crystal stair. But I still rose to a new level with every step I made.

To share my life with my sons this poem shares my heart desire.

See at the age of 50, many have crumbled and died on some stairs I had to pass. The thorns and sharp edges cut them deep, and they bled.

They gave up their hopes and dreams when things got too rough for them.

They forgot how to fight the demons within when doubt and fear crowded their mind.

They surrendered to the enemy their purpose in life and imprisoned them self to a world of “what if” or “it never happen for me”.

But not I

Poetry is my first love. One day I may publish more of them.

Story creation was my second love.

But overseers tried to steer me away from ever seeing myself as a writer or storyteller.

For a while, they succeeded.

Yet I never stop writing just stop sharing.

Today I see my tomorrows filled with the riches of my Father’s Glory shining in those crystal stairs before me.

I see promises just around that corner or up that path that not far to reach at all.

No, my past has been no crystal stair, but lessons richer than gold and more precious than diamonds.

The cracks and holes build my muscles.

The splinters toughen my skin.

Those who blazed before me, spirit empowered me as I surpassed their mission.

To my son, remember when I turned 50

For it was the year my stairs become crystal clear.

The year the Lord’s promised shone for all to witness.

The power and strength of my God empowered me to stand strong and soar high.

No, my life has been no crystal stair, but this birthday I can say I see it crystal clear!