Let me starts this Mother’s Day message by giving thanks to my Heavenly Father for allowing me to a mother two to wonderful boys that are truly a blessing to my soul. Giving thank to my Heavenly Father for the woman that gave me life, despite our current relationship. For without her not only would I not be here today, but because of her I am who I am today.

Mother’s Day to me has really never been a day of fun, love or made of memories to cherish. Yes as a child I I honored Mother’s Day. Each year presenting my mother with cards or trinkets made at school that I thought would please her. As an adult, I continued the tradition of trying to please her more in her love language by purchasing her unique and expensive gifts in hopes of achieving value in her sight. That was my habit not only for Mother’s Day but for all gifting giving days. Knowing I couldn’t give her what she desired most, my life to live as her own. Last year she showed me how much my presents really meant to her, by seeking to give them away to anyone who wanted those gifts that were not perishable or destroy them as long as I never pass to back to me.

Because of my childhood and other subsequent experiences later in life, I never felt real joy personally during this season. Yes, I honored the many women who have been in my life. I celebrated with friends as they honored their mothers and honored my friends who are mothers. I graciously accept the acknowledgment towards me over the years prior and since the birth of my sons, for the work I did with young girls, but could never internalize it for myself.

Yes, I am who I am today because of the lesson learned through experience and lack. Lessons my birth mother didn’t realize she taught me as a child or confirmed for me as an adult with her observation and of me as mother or opinion of how I am raising my sons. But I am also very thankful for the women that step in and filled the gaps my birth mother wasn’t capable of.

When I need a mother’s love in my young years, because my house was the standing picture in the encyclopedia of a dysfunctional home, Mommy Bettie opened her arms and her home to me and her my brother. Though my birth mother profession was in caring for elderly and taught me to care for them appropriate it was Mommy Bettie who taught me unconditional love and compassion for another person. For the care, she gave to each child that enters her home as if they were her own, to the late night holiday meals we would stay up all night preparing together, from ham and turkeys to fresh made cakes and pies. In her discipline and correction, she did it from a place of love. She protected those she called her own fiercely. In the death of her second born, her love, and care for other overrode her personal mourning. Now my childhood Angel resides with my baby brother in heaven. Her strength guided me through my early years, setting the desire for me to serve and care for others now. I know she is smiling down as she watches her five children raise and protect in total love our own children. Then there was Momma Monica George-Hewitt who guide me with her wisdom through high school. She was that “can do” voice that filled me with wisdom, as she had with her daughter, my best friend since high school. She the positive spirit to my birthmother limitations and negativity.  Elaine Goulbourne, who at first I thought was another version of my mother, just born days apart. A woman that demanded total respect and obedience. A woman that would accept nothing less than my absolute best in anything that she called me to do. Who instilled a work ethic in me that has carried throughout my life in every job or tasked I’ve taken on. Then there is my fierce Momma Molly Caputo who stood up for me directly against mental and personal neglect and abuse of my early adult years.  These strong women shaped my foundational years instilling in me lessons and values I live by today.

Mona Harrington, Momma Cindy and Reverend Turane, Rev Gates, Rev Shields, and Rev Lloyd and my First Lady Rev Harding. These ladies were the first who taught me spiritually who I was in the eyes of my Heavenly Father. Taught me what it meant to be a daughter of the Most High. Over the years many other spiritual mothers have blessed and guided me with their wisdom through my marriage, childbirth, and forgiveness toward my birth mother. I am thankful for continuous guidance I receive from Momma Sheila Williams, Sis Janet Farr, my First Lady Mary Bush.

Each of these women in my life is the epitome Naomi’s characteristics of strength, selflessness, and love. They each have given me pearls of wisdom that I have recorded in my being and try my hardest to honor with my life. My Heavenly Father guided each of His angels into my life at the pointed time for I needed their overflow. I believe when others proclaim to see a strength in I can not see, what they are seeing is the essence of these angels wisdom that has guided me through my life.

Mom Deborah Mother’s Day 2017

As I set at the table with Mom Deborah getting to know and loving her instantly, I understood why I was drawn to her daughter after our first conversation through periscope. The strength, pose and love that Dee C Marshall eludes is three plus generations deep. So as I contemplate on the Pearls of Wisdom gleam through the story of Ruth and Naomi, shared by Dr. Dee during Girls and Pearls Brunch this Mother’s Day weekend; I am forced to reflect on Mother’s Day differently this year. Called to remember the strength of the women in my life that made a lasting deposit into the core of who I am. And look forward to the future Pearls of wisdom my Aba Father will allow me to glean from His daughters through Abundant Life Camp, Dee C Marshall, Esther Bailey-Bass and many other women of a God as I strive to reach my full calling and walk out my faith through ministry.

Dee C Marshall & Mom Deborah

Surrounded by Greatness Mother’s Day 2017