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A Loveless Mother’s Forgiveness

Many sons and daughters this Mother’s Day, longs for another day to be able to hear their mother say “I Love You”, for a chance to be held in their mother’s arms again. To have that one last chance to hear their voice, but instead must live on memories.

For many Mother’s Days, I have written letters to my mother. Letters that allowed me to express words that I could never share with her directly. Words that give me release from the pain of her absence, release from memories that leave me wanting and crying for what could never be.


What do you say to the children whose mother was just the vessel that gave birth to them? What words of comfort do you share that relieves the pain of missing a mother’s love that they may never experience even though they were raised in the same home with her.


Fathers (Mothers), do not provoke your children to anger but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.  Eph. 6:4 NAS

I remember the teaching that states to “honor your father and mother and your days will be long” for by following this commandment you receive the first promise. A lesson all parent teach their children regardless if they follow Ephesians 6:4 or not. But when your mother’s discipline was in pain, her teachings were not of the Lord’s yet though it all you remain quiet. You honored her if for no other reason than she gave birth to you. You stayed quiet about home because others couldn’t believe or accept your truth. It’s a hard concept to understand anyone having anything but a loving mother. Yet the Lord questioned and answered that very possibility. The LORD answered, “Could a mother forget a child who nurses at her breast? Could she fail to love an infant who came from her own body? Even if a mother could forget, I will never forget you. Isaiah 49:15 CEV

As I look back, I used to mourn for what could never be. I mourned for love that I never received. But one day, I realized I wasn’t motherless, but blessed.

Even if my father and mother abandon me, the LORD cares for me. Psalm 27:10 CBS

The bible states that in the absence of parents the Lord would care for you, and He will. Throughout one’s life, God sends mothers to guide and lead at different points in your life. The woman in your neighborhood whose house welcomed you with hugs and cakes. The teacher that made that extra time to talk you whenever you felt lost.  The coach that encouraged you to succeed and continue to root for you even when there was no one else rooting. The church momma that gently guided you when started going left instead of right. The Lord cared for you by bringing numerous mothers in your life at the time you need them.

Yes, there is nothing like a mother’s love from the woman who is responsible for bringing you into this world. It is a bond that one would think impossible to be absent, destroyed or neglected. Unfortunately many children this Mother’s Day look on Mother’s Day in disdain. If you happen to know one of those children, hug and let them know they are loved. As God spoke to Jeremiah, He also is speaking to you. “Jeremiah, I am your Creator, and before you were born, I chose you to speak for me to the nations.”Jeremiah 1:5 CEV  The Lord continues the tell us has He stated: “I will bless you with a future filled with hope–a future of success, not of suffering.” Jeremiah 29:11 CEV  

The Lord has covered you through your childhood, He gave you testimony to share and assists others. He has given you a recipe to create your own family knowing all item that will allow you to flourish as a loving parent.

This Mother’s Day to the motherless child, I beseech you to forgive and let go of what could never be. I request for you to leave your past only taking the lessons learned. To become that mother you never had. To care for children from your womb or others that they will call you Blessed.


Difficulty seeing one’s self accurately…..

With all that I have accomplished, with the varies accommodations and compliments I have received in the past and even to this day, seeing myself and abilities as others see me is difficult. It more than wanting to keep a humble perspective of myself to be used by God. It’s that my mission is to give my all and do my best regardless of what I do, but if asked to describe myself I can’t.

I was just speaking today that publishing my novel and becoming an author of multiple books, is one of those things on my bucket list created by my mother’s many comments of want I would never be able to do. Many of thing that she said I would never be able to do I have accomplished. Many of the things she claimed I would never be able to do, I have done. The only comments I haven’t proven wrong yet is that I am unlovable. After my second failed marriage by a man who could not accept the nature of his sons without blaming me, I know that he once loved me, but his love wasn’t stronger than his ego and pride. But because his loved changed, finding someone who can love me for eternity is on my bucket list to overcome.

As we heal from past relationship, as from ceiling unfairly spoken over us in our youth, and trauma in our life, we learn to heal from within making our lives filled with abundant blessings.

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Why Christmas is the Season for Forgiveness

“Father, forgive them for they know not what they do”. Familiar scriptures we recognize the death of our Savior on the cross. This holiday season as we recognize the birth of our Savior, forgiveness is even more required. See over 2000 years ago God’s love for us so much that He sent His son through the birth of virgin to live among us to teach us how we were created to live. A son that died on the cross to pay the sin debt for our life. To give us a path to seek forgiveness for our actions far from pleasing to our Heavenly Father. A path without the blood offering that has proven insufficient price.

Forgiveness the highest form of love

Why is forgiveness needed?    

In Matthew 6:14-15, it states “For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.  But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins”. In Matthew 5: 23-24 we learn “So if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar and go. First, be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift”. Mark states in Chapter 11: 25-26 “And whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father also who is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.”

This season the greatest gift we can give in honor to the birth of our Savior is love towards one another. In loving each other we must forgive them for the hurt and pain they have caused us. We must seek forgiveness from those that have strife against us. Through this action then we can be free to give a sinless gift to worship the Savior. Then by offering this gift, our God can forgive us of the act we have committed against His word.

Remember forgiveness is not for those that have offended. Forgiveness is to allow the connection to Creator and creation to stay in sync without disruption. As a Pastor stated in s recent lesson, “God will not hold me responsible for the action you have toward me, but will hold me responsible for my behavior towards you.” Lack of forgiveness should not be on the of marks held against you.

This season, offer your apology to those that hold unforgiveness towards you. Then you forgive those that have hurt, harmed, or shamed you. With all of your heart try to bridge the gap that separates your family and unite once again in love. But if they choose not to forgive and let go, you let go and let God have his way. Knowing your heart is pure against them and move on with the grace of our Lord.

Forgiveness freedom

Freedom of Forgiveness

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