With all that I have accomplished, with the varies accommodations and compliments I have received in the past and even to this day, seeing myself and abilities as others see me is difficult. It more than wanting to keep a humble perspective of myself to be used by God. It’s that my mission is to give my all and do my best regardless of what I do, but if asked to describe myself I can’t.

I was just speaking today that publishing my novel and becoming an author of multiple books, is one of those things on my bucket list created by my mother’s many comments of want I would never be able to do. Many of thing that she said I would never be able to do I have accomplished. Many of the things she claimed I would never be able to do, I have done. The only comments I haven’t proven wrong yet is that I am unlovable. After my second failed marriage by a man who could not accept the nature of his sons without blaming me, I know that he once loved me, but his love wasn’t stronger than his ego and pride. But because his loved changed, finding someone who can love me for eternity is on my bucket list to overcome.

As we heal from past relationship, as from ceiling unfairly spoken over us in our youth, and trauma in our life, we learn to heal from within making our lives filled with abundant blessings.

Daughters of Unloving Mothers: 7 Common Wounds