Are you are following your Vision as it is Written?

As as the 2nd month of the second quarter begins I started looking at everything on my calendar and realize everything isn’t speaking to my Purpose! Last year a took a position that held promise to take me the next level. Though I know nothing comes easy as you are growing but it shouldn’t steal my joy or bother me. There are other factors that also is playing my decision, the immediate need for my sons, my current health challenge. But the main thing is that it is taking me away from what I am called to do most.

God has placed books inside of me to write. Since the New Year, the time I would write has been occupied with other demands, As of May 7, I will tender my resignation letter. The Rate of Return (ROR) in some many ways did not make up for the cost of what I was paying.

It is important that we truly test every opportunity present before us. Yes, it may seem like a good path, it may even have many pluses that seems to benefit our goal. But if the ROR is less than the cost of what we are called to do, is it worth it? The spirit within speaks to us, and often we listen on the first whisper and other times we have to learn a direct lesson on why this wasn’t the route for us to take.

I received some good contacts  I have earned valuable connections, but in the vision that God has given me, this opportunity was given as a test, and after 6 months of struggling, after and praying for the past couple of weeks and days, after allowing God to speak into the plain writing of my vision, I know where I should be and what I should be doing.

Today, I leave these tidbits with you:

1) Test every opportunity against the true vision that God has given you.

2) Make sure the cost of your time is less than the Rate of Investment. The things that we do, may take not only monetary factor into consideration but it will also takes up valuable time we can’t get back.  Whatever we do we should ensure a plentiful return for our purpose.

3) WRITE YOUR VISION!  For months my vision was only in my head. Every time I set down to type it, I was distracted. Until one Sunday I set down with a pen and paper and wrote the vision that God has given to me for this year. The clarity that became evident spoke volumes to my spirit and lifted the pressure I could not identify,

“Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.” Habakkuk 2:2

We can’t truly operate within our vision if we never write it out. If I have written when I first tried back in January or even last December, I would have seen I have been walking in my understanding.

Now following the written vision and plan, I will continue to pray for God to increase my territory that I may serve His children, His precious daughter as He leads me.

Write your Vision and Listen to the guidance of Holy Spirit and watch your tent expand greatly.