On this day if I had a typical family, regardless where I was at or what was scheduled for this day, I would have called my mother first thing in the morning to wish her happy birthday. But I am not in a typical family nor do a have a normal of loving relationship with my mother. But to honor her I give you who suffered with no love and plenty of abusive to go around a birthday prayer wish to free you from prison.

It has been 6 months since I moved from my family home. Six months since I last spoken with the woman that gave me life, the woman that didn’t protect me from the abusive ways of her family, the woman that denied me a relationship with my father, the woman who abused me as a child and attacked my child.For over the last six months I would tell other children why forgiveness for my mother ways wasn’t an excuse nor was it sugar coating what happened. But a way for me to live a productive life free from pain and stress of carrying the weight of her guilt as my own. Accepting who and how my mother is and her ability to do no better than what she knew how to do. It was my chance to break the cycle of generational curses that have plague my family for years and raise my children in the truest meaning of love and respect as my Lord instructed me to do in His Holy Word. Forgiving my mother was my get of jail card from remaining imprisoned by her and living a free and liberated life with my Father in Heaven.

In the 48 years of my life, first out of fear of her than out of understanding the word of God, I have and continued to honored my mother. Though I have come to a place I must love and honor from afar, I continued to pray for her daily. On this my mother’s 79th birthday, my prayer for other children whose mother or father was less than ideal. Who survived through the abuse, the incest, the neglect and lack of love inflicted by your parent is that you forgive them for your days to be long. Accept that they could not do any better than what they were capable of doing and being. Accept that in spite of the challenges, the difficulty, and the scares you received, you were not broken nor destroyed, but you are an overcomer and a better person for that reason. Understand that as an adult the paint brush is now in your hands to paint the canvas of your life in beautiful and vibrant colors for your tomorrows.It is hard knowing the person responsible for my life I cannot loving honor on this day directly. But by living my life in love and raising my children pleasing unto my Lord I am honoring her better than if we were together.