Mother-child suicide/murder is one of the least publicized crimes in America. But, year after year these numbers are in the double digits across the United States. Many times depression is the route cause for such a tragic end. 

Families members, friends, parents and especially spouses of moms of young children or special need children, needs someone to care for them. They need to know after taking care of everyone else; they have an outlet and time to relax. Many times the pressure of motherhood is more than she can bear on top of being the caretaker of the home, parents, and everyone else throughout her go to daily life.

As we enter this last season of the year, it becomes difficult for those suffering from depression.  The expectation to meet the family tradition of cooking, hosting, gift purchasing with little time to rest adds an extra level of anxiety. This left unchecked can lead to tragic consequences. That shouldn’t be.Emotional Crisis

Many times the signs of depression are clear but too often the moms are informed: “suck it up and handle it!” Too many times those in the closest relationship allow work and personal obligations place blinders of the fact of  negative change in behavior within the mom.

Depression is real. Postpartum depression is dangerous and doesn’t end as quick as it starts. This holiday, look out for moms who distracted, tired and withdrawn. Offer a mom time to relax while you care for her children. Give the gift of life back to a mom suffering this season.

Though they haven’t labeled this tragic case, the fact is a mom and two young precious boys are now dead. Why didn’t anyone hear her cries for help?

This season is a hard time of the year for many people. Suicide Hotline 800-273-TALK (8255).

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