November is the month that everyone expects to find a hot meal, shared among family, friends or a friendly face. The one day of the year were families and foes try to put their difference aside and be thankful for the many blessing they have been fortunate to have received this past year.

For many this time of reflection. A time of an introspective look into their life plans that may or may not have been attained. A reassess of the goal that can be achieved within the remaining five weeks of this year.

This November is a mixed bag of blessing and sorrows. For many in my circle spent Thanksgiving with one less member of their family there to break bread with them. Others life challenges have caused them to be wary and downtrodden to situations that have tried altered their belief and faith in mankind or themselves. Why others cherish they still have breath in their lung to give thanks.

As I reflect, I am grateful for the friendships that were  forged or renewed. Thankful for the many that have stood in the gap praying for my family through various roads  and valleys we traveled this year.

I am especially thankful the friendship of those that I lovingly call my brothers and sisters. For their friendships and all that,

Thank you God

they mean in my life. For I continue to love and pray for them dearly that the Lord may continue to watch over them day and night and keep them in the palm of His hand.

2016 has not been a stellar year by many standards. But as we head to the closing of this year, I must pause. I must stop and tell my Lord and Savior thank you. For through every tear and heartache, He was there to dry my eyes and comfort me. Through every victory and trumpeted stand He was there to say well done and elevate me like no man or title could ever do. For He continues to draw me closer to Him with every step I take and every prayer I utter.

I am thankful to walk by faith knowing He who directs my path.