What I want most in life is to be able to pour into the lives of others. To give others the playscript that God has created in my life to guide me through the valley and trial that has become my staircase to my victory. To be that girl in my dreams that speaks openly and personally into lives that are seeking a release, and closure and gleam of hope in the midst of their storm. To be that author who goes to book signings and share pearls of wisdom that would cause a mind shift in other women. To be the wife that is loved and cherished by a husband that loves unconditionally and loves and treat me as if I am in truly created for him by our Heavenly Father.

My secret heart’s wish is to be blessing to others and be living examples of the blessing from my Heavenly Father. To live a life free from the valleys of life, free from the constant battles and trials of life. To live a life where my children and I live in abundance in a home of filled with love and peace. To live whereby the blessing of my Lord, I can provide completely and solely for all of my boys needs within in my control. To be truly loved and cared for by someone who accepts me for who I am.

My why is because before I am anything else I am a child and servant of God. In 2004, God spoke after losing my child when I ask why, He informed me that to be used as I had asked God to use me to minister to His Ladies, that He needed to prepare me to handle their issues and understand their pain. That He needs to take me through some things. These obstacles, valleys, and trial have prepared me to speak with the wisdom of God’s blessing, love, and mercies. The challenges I have overcome from childhood to adulthood has been to create my testimony, to prepare my platform, to give me the strength to reach back into the valley of life and pull other ladies to the mountain top. We do not walk through life just because but to because we are to be a blessing, thread of hope, and ladder to lift others up and free from the bondage that life has encased them.